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to get the Mobile App, click on:

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Choose from thousands of locations for specialty vendors in hundreds of unique categories of hard-to-find disaster-recovery help, such as:

document drying,

trauma counselors,


planning for pets,

salvage buyers,

food kit vendors & mobile kitchens,

certified data destruction,

emergency rental of network and computer equipment,

smoke-odor counteracting services,

. . . and hundreds more!


React more quickly and effectively!


DISASTER RECOVERY POCKET SOURCE™ puts the information at your fingertips. It's especially helpful for locating multiple sources and hard-to-find specialized services.

Be better prepared
. A quick scan of the hundreds of critical categories can alert you to areas you may have overlooked in your disaster plan.

Get everything you need in a single source
. With direct on-line links to thousands of vendor locations, the DISASTER RECOVERY POCKET SOURCE™ contains everything you need to get back up and running after a disaster.

For everyone who needs to get their organization "back to normal" again. This is an essential reference for:

facility managers,

computer operations managers,

emergency personnel,

risk managers,

security managers,


record managers,

systems executives,

business recovery coordinators,

claims adjusters,

insurance agents,


and any others responsible for putting organizations "back to normal" after a crisis.


to get the Mobile App, click on:

iPhone/Apple, or Android/Google

or, click here to buy the stand-alone PC/Mac version (works with any web browser)

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Check out some of the hundreds of Categories in our Table of Contents:

Cleaning & restoration associations
Computer security associations
Emergency prep. & disaster recovery associations
Insurance associations
Public information & awareness
Records management associations
Risk management associations
Trauma/counselor associations

LAN/WAN network equipment
Modems, misc. Communications equipment
Network equipment: LAN/WAN
Point-of-sale equipment, misc.
Printers, plotters, misc.
Teller equipment & branch controllers

General Equipment
Access flooring
Air cleaning equipment
Air testing equipment
Alarms, earthquake
Alarms, fire
Alarms, hydrogen chloride gas detection
Alarms, water
Alarms & warning systems, misc.
Cooling equipment, Mobile
Drying & dehumidification equipment
Environmental clean-up equipment, rental
Environmental controls 
Evacuation equipment
Fireproof safes, files, & containers
Floodwater exit/entry safety vents
Furniture rental: commercial/residential
Generators, electric
Halon replacement systems
Heating equipment, mobile
Keyboards, ruggedized
Lighting, emergency
Office panel systems, refurbished
Power line analyzers & monitors
Power on/off- remote telephone control
Power protection & continuation devices 
Radios & walkie-talkies
Steam cleaners & pressure washers
Surge protectors 
Switches, ruggedized
Tanks, storage
UPS-uninterruptible power supplies 
Water chillers-temporary, electric heaters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers

Office/voice recovery sites
Mobile Buildings
Mobile administrative offices
Mobile bank branches
Mobile cargo storage space
Mobile classrooms
Mobile communications centers
Mobile computer rooms & data centers
Mobile disaster response trailers
Mobile homes
Mobile kitchens
Mobile restrooms
Mobile satellite communication dishes
Modular buildings
Recovery trailers
Shelters, tents, portable

Films/Videos, production, rental & sale
Books, journals, newsletters, etc.
Accident reporting kits,

Crisis response kits
Planning & 'how-to' manuals
Training materials

Clean Up & Restoration Services
Cleaning companies, data processing sites 
Cleanup, medical: post crime/trauma
Disposal, electrical equipment
Disposal, hazardous waste
Dry cleaning/laundry: emergency & specialty
Drying & dehumidification
Environmental clean-up
Fire & water damage restoration
Flood damage restoration 
Full-service restoration general contractors
Furniture restoration
Jewelery, replacement
Site remediation
Smoke & odor counteracting services
Computer Repair Servcies

Consulting Services
Audit/evaluate disaster plans
Business continuation planning services
Crisis management
Disaster recovery planning & emergency prep.
Expert witness

Forensic analysis
Outside audit of disaster plan adequacy
Records management
Risk analysis, management, & control
Risk Analysis: Environmental
Risk Analysis: Information Systems
Security: general
Security: Information systems
Security: Network "penetration" testing

Data & Records Storage and Recovery Services
Data recovery from broken hard disks
Data recovery from damaged media, misc.
Data recovery from damaged tape 
Data recovery from optical disks
Microfilm drying & re-wash service
Recover water-damaged books/documents
Remote software-backup/recovery services

Psychological Services
Crisis management - human factors
Trauma/crisis/grief counseling & management
Workplace violence control, training

Miscellaneous Services
Ballast recyclers
Bird/Pest Control
Conservation: art, library & museum
Cooling services
Crisis management services 
Education, training & awareness 
Food, lodging, & sanitary services - mobile
Forensic accountants
Forensic engineers
Government services
Guard services
Insurance adjusters, public
Legal issues, disaster-related
Legal issues, environmental
Lighting, emergency
Liquidators & Salvage buyers
Lodging, long-term
Mailing, printing, & inserting services
Microfilming & record copying
Notification & dispatch services: phone, fax, etc.
Offsite record & hard-copy storage
Offsite tape, film, optical, etc. Data storage
Outside audit of disaster plan adequacy
Overspray removal services
Remediation, site clean-up
Scrap computer & electronic equipment- buyers
Scrap batteries, bulbs, fluorescent lamps & ballasts- buyers
Telephone answering
Transportation, specialized trucking
Tree removal services
Video tape restoration
Warning systems
Weather forecasting
Workplace violence control, training

Disaster Recovery Planning Software
Ransomware Recovery & Mitigation
Risk analysis software
Security policies

Application Software

Bank contingincy planning software
Business-impact analysis software
Business resumption planning software
Credit Union contingency planning software
Emergency management software
Emergency notification software
Hazardous material management software
Incident management & planning software
Password management
Power-loss-detect-&-shutdown utility software
Ransomware recovery/mitigation software

Computer-control-panel switch covers
Waterproof emergency covers: custom-fit
Business forms
Magnetic media storage containers
Cots, beds, blankets, tents, etc.
Fasteners: earthquake-proof
Fasteners, security
Fireproof containers & bags
Food, water, in emergency rations
Gas Masks, Smoke hoods, personal
Kits: emergency/disaster survival
Medical supplies


Certification, professional: disaster/emergency
Disaster planning & emergency managment training
Earthquake engineering training
Environmental safety training
Fire/Water damage restoration training
Security training
Trade shows & conferences, misc.
Workplace violence control, training 

to get the Mobile App, click on:

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or, click here to buy the PC/Mac stand-alone version (works with any web browser)

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